Sunday, 3 February 2013

What is Social Media

From the words themselves, one can infer that social media is a way for people to interact with one another, family and loved ones, with the help of a medium, in this case, websites on the internet.

There are a wide range of social media sites, social marketing firms and many other options on the internet that cater specifically to social media. As seen in recent years, social media also has the power to act as a clarion for people against any kind of injustice.

Social media allows people to connect on online resources such as Facebook, Twitter and so many other social media networking websites with other people practically anywhere else in the world. It is not only communication with your friends and family through social media but you are going to have many more things to do with the social media platforms like Facebook, where you will be able to  make a marketing campaign for products and services, or simply play games online with your friends. Here's a list of a few of the most widely used social media sites today.

On Facebook you can make an account and find friends and acquaintances and simply enjoy chatting with them or sharing something useful. You can search out people you know  by using the search bar at the upper portion of your Facebook page and write the name or email of the person you want to add as a friend on facebook. Moreover, you can “like” the Facebook pages of TV shows, personalities and organizations you like to get regular updates, or you can even make your own groups or pages and advertise there to make people know more about your products, services or even political or religious beliefs.

Twitter is amazing as it mainly serves the same purpose as that of Facebook “status updates”, but focuses more on real-time updates and announcements on the latest news or local traffic, or simply the daily events and thoughts of your favorite TV stars and other personalities, companies and groups. You can search out reviews for various things as well from the “tweets” of other followers and enjoy knowing more about them by looking at what other people are saying about them.

Blogging is one of the most interesting and advantageous aspects of social media on the internet as it lets you write and publish anything you like for the world to see, whether focusing on food or gadget reviews, or your views on different issues. You advertise your business with various offers, and as you get to be more popular you can also host banner ads to get points and make money for every view of your blog pages through, for example, a Google AdSense account.

Social media, in the form of internet websites, news channels, and others, have made revolutionary changes in the way people interact with the rest of the world.